Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blogupp easy way to promote your blog

Do you own a blog? If yes is your answer, then I am sure you want people to visit your blog. Whether your motive is commercial or just wants other people to see your blog. The more people visit your blog the better. Question now is how you get people to notice your blog.
Well you can start with advertising your blog in the internet. Wait a minute; does it take some money to advertise? Not always, you can advertise free on the net. One of the most effective ways of advertising on the internet is through exchanging links. There is so many ways to exchange links. Through article, banners, testimonials are some example of exchanging links. Nevertheless, how we get other website linked to our blog? Do not be afraid, today there is lot of online business that specialized on promoting blogs. Yes, they provide services to exchange links through your blog to another blogs. This links can be in various forms from a simple text link to the colorful animated banner. There are few which are free of charge too. Today we are going to dig one of them. Yes, today we will dig into
While surfing on the internet, I found a website that specialized in blog advertising. There are numerous similar website on the internet. However, this website is nothing like other similar websites. What makes it so special is this website does not require you to sign up first in order to join and using the services. Fantastic is not it? To use services provided by Blogupp all you have to do is write your blog URL address to the input box in their home page. After that just click, the 'Shoot ahead!' button on the left and let the system do the rest. It is so easy that is why I like it.
Not only provide you with blog promotion through link exchange, Blogupp also provide statistics on your blog popularity. Hold down there for a moment. Blogupp does not give you login identity because you never do any sign up process what so ever. How will Blogupp recognize you and your blog? Now I will show you with the magic of open ID, you can access your blog statistics by using your blog's OpenID. Once you provide Blogupp with your OpenID then Blogupp send a notification to your blog hosting provider. Go to your blog account to grant the Blogupp access to your blog. After that, Blogupp will show you the statistics of your blog.
What you have to do if you do not have any OpenID? You must have one if you want to review your blog statistics. Well, if you do not have any yet you can earn one for yourself at Open ID website. On the other hand, you may not realize that you already have one. For you bloggers who use BlogSpot as your domain you automatically have an open ID. Just use your blog URL as your OpenID name. So, are you interested? Just go to Blogupp to promote your website or go to this link for more information about Blogupp from the Blogupp blog.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gadget Review: Fujitsu Server Go Green

Energy has been a big issue all over the world lately. Large corporations have begun their campaign to go green. What is Go Green? Go Green is a campaign to preserve the nature. How these campaigns help to preserve the natural resources? Well one thing is to design and produce hardware which more energy efficient. Less energy means less damage to Mother Nature. One company, which already started this campaign, is Fujitsu. One of the big computer producers from Japan has implementing energy friendly on some of their products. One of the products is the new Primergy TX150 S6 server. Let us dig more about this server.
Is it true that the new Primergy TX150 S6 server is so efficient? Well do not just take my word for that. If you want more proof just go to SPEC Power ssj2008 website. SPEC Power ssj2008 is the latest industrial standard benchmark, which measure the server performance developed by Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC). Primergy TX150 S6 server scores a magnificent performance of 1018 operations/watt. This score breaks the current record of 1000 operations/watt. The number 1018 operations/watt proves that this server is very efficient to use.
Moreover, Primergy TX150 S6 server can run under Windows or Linux operating system, which will increase its flexibility. Included in the sell package is 8 GB of memory and a SATA 500 GB (7200 rpm) hard drive. Primergy TX150 S6 server use Intel XionTM processor in the CPU, which have proven to the best server processor in the world. Intel XionTM gives this server high performance and efficient energy use.
Here are the key features of Primergy TX150 S6 server:
>> ECC, built-in RAID 1 functionality and optional ibutton RAID 5 for SATA or modular RAID for SAS configurations

>>Hot-plug HDD infrastructure (standard)
Hot-plug redundant PSU (optional)

>>ServerView Local Service Panel (LSP) optional for customer`s Service on its own
Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor , provides four execution cores in one physical processor with less power consumption, energy efficient Intel Celeron processor even more power saving
Up to 4x SATA or 4 (6)x SAS/SATA 3.5-inch, up to 8x 2.5-inch SAS hard disks, 6 PCI/PCIe slots, (5 with SAS), 1x Gbit LAN plus extra Service LAN for iRMC S2

Therefore, if you search for high performance and efficient server put Primergy TX150 S6 into your consideration and budget list.
Dig more:
Fujitsu’s Primergy TX150 S6 specification
Intel Dual Core Xion

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Web Alert: How Viruses Pass the Antivirus

Howdy, diggers how are you all today? Are you feeling healthy today? Is your PC also feeling healthy as well? Most of you who cares about your PC performance, privacy and cyber security must have installed at least one type of antivirus software in your PC. Most of people feeling save already knowing that in their PC there was program installed called antivirus. Nevertheless, what if there is a way to pass the antivirus protection no matter how often you update the antivirus? Well that will be a big problem. So now, let us dig more into the world of virus, where the power of evil will fight with the knights who defend your PC.

Antivirus 101, How They Do It

To learn how some viruses pass the antivirus detection we must learn how antivirus recognizes a virus in your PC. Most of the antivirus, especially old ones recognize viruses by its signature. What is signature? Like human beings signature is a unique sign that belong to certain person, as for the viruses the signature can be name or code that only a certain virus type or version have.

How does the antivirus determine the unique signature of a virus? Well when virus makers make new virus the antivirus developer will get the virus analyzed. After they analyze the new virus, they will determine a unique signature for that virus. After that, the antivirus developer will send the new signature data into their users around the world through antivirus updates.

What if there was a virus out there that no antivirus ever known before? If you refer to the principle on how antiviruses detect a virus, you will find the answers. Yes, the antivirus will not recognize the virus and will let the virus get into your computer. That is why the virus makers always try to make their viruses as fast as possible through a fast cycle of works. In the other hand, the antivirus developers are racing to get the latest viruses’ database so they can determine their signature.

How to Pass the Antivirus Detection

When a virus maker want to know if their new virus can be recognize by antivirus or not, they can upload their virus into websites like Jotti ( or VirusTotal ( In those websites, some antivirus will attempt to detect their new virus. When they found the virus the virus maker will use program such as EXE-packer, which will not only make the malicious software smaller but also will change the signature. In the old days, the virus maker can use the “Do not send sample” option in order to prevent the websites from sending the new malicious software program to the antivirus developer before they can make any changes. Now as far as I know this option is no longer exist due to the deal made between the antivirus developer and the Jotti and VirusTotal.


After the Jotti and VirusTotal make deals with antivirus developers, the virus makers turn to certain kind of software, which helps them to make their virus undetected by antivirus. The anti antivirus software like KIMS and AVFixer has the ability to test the new virus against some antivirus in the world. Not only that, the software can perform some necessary modification to the virus so antivirus cannot detect the virus.

How the Antivirus Developers Counteract

For you web diggers who start to lose faith to the antivirus software which currently protecting your PC, don’t you worry, antivirus developers already made some modification to handle the latest virus evolutions.

Nowadays to help enhancing your PC protection against malicious software, the antivirus developers start to make some changes on how their antivirus works. To stay up to date with the virus evolution some antivirus developers add some features on their antivirus software. The new antivirus is not only relying on the signature scanning but also put some new method called heuristic method. The newer method introduced by antivirus developers is the behavior analysis method and sandbox method. The behavior analysis method use some algorithm to recognize if a program running on your PC which can do something harm to your PC based on the program behavior to your PC’s systems. In other words, the virus is recognized not by its outside looks but more from the inside looks, its behavior for more exact.

The sandbox method is not so popular among most of PC users. Nowadays, only experts use the sandbox method due to complexity of operating this method. This method creates a virtual space on your hard drive. If you run a program, this program first will run in this virtual space, if then you decide that the program currently running is a malicious program you can lock and heal or quarantine the program. Every changes made by the program can be reversed to its initial states just by a single click. Well I hope soon every anti malicious program software will include sandbox method as their feature.

Some Word of Wisdom

I do not think it is wrong to install antivirus in your PC but the question now is how good is your antivirus deals with new viruses in the world? Most people were so confident after they install antivirus software in their PC and make them less careful when they connected to the internet, downloading and putting data on their PC. This kind of behavior will result serious problems because you cannot just give the matters of PC securities to your antivirus software, your PC security is your own problem, and if you want to maintain your PC away from viruses, you must start from yourself.

There is no 100% secured PC even you already install every top of the line, state of the art of technology, security software and patches. If you want to keep your PC 100% save just shut it down, unplug every cable connected to it, put it somewhere safe and go to sleep. If you still want to use your PC, please stay wise with everything you do with your PC, stay up to date with the information and check your PC regularly.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Search Engine Digging: How to Put Your URL in the Major Search Engines

What is search engine? Well most of web diggers must have known this name ever since they start using the internet, because most of the beginners use Google or yahoo to begin their quest in the cyber space. First, because they don't know where to go, and the second reason they were afraid that they would type a wrong address to the browsers and get errors on their browser. Oh, you don't believe in the second reason. Well not for the real newbie in the cyber space, for most newbie it is true when they got the 404 errors which stands out for page not found they will get freak out and panic. So there you go overview why a search engine is an essential part of our internet life. That does also include large number of web surfer looking for specific things in internet.

Therefore, if you have a website or blog and you want to drive traffic on it, the search engine is the perfect tool for that, due to the above reason. This mean you must be friendly with the search engine in order to make the search engine work for you. One thing you can do to be friend with the search engine is introduce your site and blog to the search engine. Make them remember your site and knowing your site, let them learn about your site and in the end, they will bring your site to the right people.

In order to do so you need to register your web site and blog to the search engine. There are large number of search engine operated in the internet, if you never wonder and only know Google, yahoo, AltaVista and Lycos, well they are not the only search engine in the web. Do I have to register to the entire search engine? Well that is will be such a waste of time. Although lot of search engine is operating in the world, most of them are using the search results provided by the major search engine like Google and Yahoo. So all you need to do is register to the major search engine and automatically you will be registered by the major search engine to the rest of the search engine operated in the internet.

Who are the major search engines? Well you may already guest two or three of them. Moreover, I bet on my bottom dollar that the name Google will come up first. So all right then in order to get fair let’s start with Google. Here is how to register your URL to the major search engine, and I will give you short overview about the search engine.

Google the King of Search Engine

Google is the biggest search engine company in the world. No, wonder because from the start Google were made to be a search engine only without any e-mail and advertisement. That's why Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, it fast, rank properly, have good accuracy, dig more from a site you search and a good place to put your advertisement. Every SEO company in the world started with Google to work with their client's websites. So it is clear you must start with this search engine first.

To register your URL you need to dig into

Have you already got there? Okay let's dig it up!! All you need to do is give the Google your URL address, don’t forget to add http:// in front of your URL address, and a comment about your website or blog and then click the ADD URL button. All done!!!

As addition, Google also have paid listing service that allow users to put their URL listing as a form of ad in the Google Search Engine Results page. This program is widely known as Google AdWords.

Yahoo... From The Biggest E-mail Company to the Respectively Search Engine

Yahoo, well not much to say, this is the biggest e-mail company in the world. The rapid progresses on the e-mail services of yahoo have lead them to be the best on this business. This is true yahoo is my first e-mail when I am started to know internet. Then they provide the users with search engine. The search engine then becoming major business for Yahoo, as they purchase few other search engines like AltaVista and

Let us dig deeper to the URL listing. To get into the URL listing web page, you need to dig this link:

Oops, I almost forget, before you can submit your URL on Yahoo, you need to sign in with your Yahoo ID. If you don’t have any Yahoo ID then you needs to get one from

After all of those preambles done you just pick the standard submission to get your URL listed free to the Yahoo’s crawlers. Put any information required and follow the instructions. Like Google, Yahoo also has a commercial URL listing which you have to pay to get your URL listed into this list. Nevertheless, here I’m only talk about the free of charge one.

Live Search… When Microsoft Get into Search Engine

Live Search (formerly Windows Live Search) is the name of Microsoft's web search engine, successor to MSN Search, designed to compete with the industry leaders Google and Yahoo. The search engine offers some innovative features, such as the ability to view additional search results on the same web page (instead of needing to click through to subsequent search result pages) and the ability to adjust the amount of information displayed for each search-result (i.e. just the title, a short summary, or a longer summary). It also allows the user to save searches and see them updated automatically on

The service was previously powered by LookSmart results and gained top marks for having its own team of editors that monitored the most popular searches being performed to hand-pick sites believed to be the most relevant. The system worked well.

To submit your URL into Live Search URL list just dig this link:

It’s free, don’t you worry about any fee required to submit your URL. After you get into the submit.aspx webpage just follow the instruction and don’t forget to write the security image before you continue.

All the three search engines mentioned above have free (non-commercial) URL listing. That’s why I put those three in top three search engines. Other than those search engines there are few search engines that require you to pay some money for URL listing.

Ask… All You Have to Do is Ask

Ask Jeeves initially gained fame in 1998 and 1999 as being the "natural language" search engine that let you search by asking questions and responded with what seemed to be the right answer to everything.

In reality, technology wasn't what made Ask Jeeves perform so well. Behind the scenes, the company at one point had about 100 editors who monitored search logs. They then went out onto the web and located what seemed to be the best sites to match the most popular queries.

In 1999, Ask acquired Direct Hit, which had developed the world's first "click popularity" search technology. Then, in 2001, Ask acquired Teoma's unique index and search relevancy technology. Teoma was based upon the clustering concept of subject-specific popularity.

Today, Ask depends on crawler-based technology to provide results to its users. These results come from the Teoma algorithm, now known as ExpertRank. doesn’t provide any free URL listing with their search engine. However, you can use the pay URL listing to register your URL. In order to does that just go to:

Is That All?

Well there you go. Those search engines are the major search engines. What about other search engines? Well the rest like ( and ( are already switch owners and now owned by Yahoo. So if you want to get your URL listed in those search engines all you have to do is list your URL in In addition ( use as their source but this search engine crawl any web pages that has been listed in those major search engines.

Other search engines such as AOL ( and Netscape ( use Google as their reference. Therefore, by registering your URL in Google’s listing you automatically listed in those search engines. The last one used as reference by Direct Hit Search Engine.

The rest search engines use special method to list your URL. Such as ( and Gigablast ( will automatically get to your URL address when you already listed on minimum of three major search engines.

Go to Directory for Some Alternatives

Directories are search engines powered by human beings. Human editors compile all the listings that directories have. Being listed with the web's key directories is very important because many people will see these listings. In addition, if you are listed with them, then crawler-based search engines are more likely to find your site and add it to their listings for free. You should prepare before submitting to any directory. This preparation means that you have written a 25 word or less description of your entire web site. That description should make use of the two or three key terms that you hope to be found for.

Consider keyword research to help determine the best keyword phrases for your site rather than guessing at what these terms might be. The What People Search For page has a list of resources that will allow you to do such research.

There are few directories recommended to put your URL on their lists. First of all of course Yahoo directory ( Second is Look Smart directory ( and the last one is Open Directory (

If you already prepare your website description as mentioned above all you have to do is follow the instruction in those directories. First time you may have to choose the webpage categories that most suitable with your URL.

That is all folks. I hope this information will be useful for all web diggers. See you soon!

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